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Had difficulty getting my MistKing pump to purge the air. With Marty’s assistance got it up and running in no time. Great customer service!! Thank you

Bonita Preston (Lakeland, FL), May 10, 2024

Marty helped me setup a misting system with RO for a large colony of poison frogs for research. He worked with the layout I wanted and designed a system that works well for my space and animal needs. To setup, I just needed to follow the schematics Marty sent. The ease of an automated MistKing setup is amazing. Hand misting the >100 tanks we have would otherwise be a huge pain. Now I just adjust the timer if I want to slow down or speed up breeding. And his setup included faucets for our RO system so I can pull clean RO water for tadpoles, etc at any time with ease. Thanks Marty and MistKing!

Adam, Mar 21, 2024

I could not be more confident in MistKing systems, nor could I be any more happy. I have 1 standard and 2 starter diaphragm pumps, a half dozen or so premium nozzles, tubing, bulkheads, connectors, etc. The pumps have been running non-stop for years - FLAWLESSLY! while not necessary, I use distilled water exclusively in all systems. Mainly because I can completely neglect them for years and the mist is as fine as it was the first day I installed them. I use a humidity sensor and controller and only have to fill a 5 gallon reservoir once a week (give-or-take) for large 6' tall enclosure. Our Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boas are thriving thanks to MistKing! Our Blood and Ball Pythons are thriving too :)

Mike S, Mar 6, 2024

I purchased the ultimate misting system. The seconds timer did not function properly, the time of day would not advance. I contacted Mist King thru their website and explained the problem. Ryan got back to me very quickly. Asked a couple questions. Determined the seconds timer was faulty and sent out new one. I had it in 2 days. Just awesome/prompt customer service , I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their goods and service

Jim Williams, Jan 19, 2024

MistKing not only offers the best products on the market for all your terrarium misting needs, they have the best customer service around. They've helped to keep my animals and terrariums flourishing for four years now and I will continue to give them my business through the foreseeable future!

Ramblin Exotics - Rob Anderson, Nov 20, 2023

I am happy with my mist king system. However once you unplug or reset the system on accident it can flake out and give some odd problems. Hopefully I can get some help with my matter. I have my time of day screen, then off to the right it says 14 hours and continuously sprays. I have all my P functions setup. It shouldn't do this.

Erick Bodkins, Jul 25, 2023

We absolutely love our Mist King systems. The only thing we love more than their systems though, is their customer service. Top notch and always a pleasure to deal with.

Kyle Atkinson, May 27, 2023

Ryan was extremely helpful in getting my misting system up and running! He responded to me quickly, he let me know exactly what he needed from me to trouble shoot properly, and he did a great job of shipping replacement parts out to me quickly. I could not be more pleased with the service I received. Thanks Ryan!!

Anthony Saitta, Nov 4, 2022

I ordered a 3/8 system, 3/8 tubing, 3/8 zipdrip valve, 3/8 T fittings....What did I receive? 1/4 zip drip valve, 1/4 nozzles for my 3/8 fittings. Cant call anyone, emails returned several days later with silly requests for pictures....dont they know their own products? bad customer support, dont buy from anyone who does not want to talk to you.....

ron, Oct 14, 2022

As I've gotten older, watering my orchid collection has become more difficult so I was looking for ways to help. I saw someone mentioning mistking so I bought the ultimate set. I anticipated a lot of difficulty in seeing it up but I was mistaken. The illustrations and step by step instructions made putting it together a snap. The change in my plants has been nothing less than AMAZING. Thanks to Marty for his help and patience. Mistking has been a lifesaver!

Heidi Hard, Sep 9, 2022

I purchased a starter misting kit in 2011. I installed it in my little homemade orchidarium. It has performed beautifully and reliably since that time. I thought I had ruined it when my reservoir ran dry. I contacted customer service and received a helpful set of instructions to restart the system successfully. I confidently & highly recommend these systems to anyone keeping a vivarium/terrarium.

Vanessa Castleberry, Aug 28, 2022

I’m in absolute love with my Mist King. I have my first Crested Gecko, Flapjack, at my work office. He’s our mascot and everyone LOVES him. Keeping him misted on the weekdays is easy, but weekends when I wouldn’t be there every day? Not easy. I don’t have the heart to just take him home and leave him there since he would be missed, and constantly moving him back and forth (even if it were only twice a week) would no doubt stress him out. I only wanted to go down to the office once during my 3 day weekends to give him his food, do a check up, and allow him to enjoy his peace and quiet. So began the great misting quest of 2022. I had a reptifogger gifted to me by a friend and was working on ordering a programmable outlet timer when I made the discovery that fog can cause respiratory issues for crested geckos. Definitely don’t want to hurt him for my own convenience, so back to square one. Did a bit more research and saw a lot of complaints about other types of misting devices (Monsoon, Reptirain) and constant praise of the Mist King. Found an extremely well priced kit from a nice lady who no longer needed it, and bam. It was the easiest thing to set up. The biggest thumbs up about the Mist King is the fact it’s so customizable. You can use ANY container you want, buy individual pieces to add on to make whatever setup you need, and disassemble it in a matter of minutes if need be. The timer is absolutely fantastic with how simple and straightforward it is. Being able to have it mist for any amount of time—whether it be one second, one hour, or whatever—is fantastic. I’m going to pick up my second crested gecko soon. Knowing it’ll take me five minutes or less to get everything ready after I order the parts I need makes me EXTREMELY happy.

Rebakah Scheidt, Jun 23, 2022

I've been building bioactives for about twelve years and always thought of this system as an unnecessary expense for the casual hobbyist. Boy was I wrong. Quiet, well built, accurate Timing. Mist king where have you been all my life. Strong micro mist keeps my humidity where I want it and my plants look great. I can't believe I turned my nose up at this amazing system. I'm a Customer for life

Ed, Apr 15, 2022

Hands down the best misting system out there. I don't even bother with anything else because it wouldn't match the quality and support level.

Indra Prasetyo, Dec 26, 2021

My Mistking reservour had gone dry and since I refilled it, the pump was working, but the water wasn't getting to the nozzles. I emailed MistKing for support and 18 minutes later, Marty emailed me back with a clear and concise response that solved my problem easily and quickly, I was afraid I was going to burn out the motor. It was such a relief. Unfortunately it is all to common to invest in more expensive items only to be left on your own with no technical support. That is far from the case with MistKing.

Abigail Gordon, Jul 9, 2021

There are not enough great things to say about Marty and Mistking. Their misters are the absolute best in the business- defined by quality parts and an awesome design. Being new to the bioactive world you are always sleptical of trying something outside your comfort zone but Marty has been insanely fast to help and address any informational needs I have. The best part of it is by far the responsiveness of Marty, he takes the "business transaction" out of the transaction and makes it a personal interaction. Marty- because of your quality product, awesome help, Im a lifelong customer

Credence Hanson, Jun 10, 2021

I am very pleased with the customer service provided by MistKing. In particular, Ryan efficiently dealt with my shipping issue by reshipping a replacement order. As well, I find MistKing a quality choice for my orchid growing misting requirements. Keep up the good work!

Theodore G Camenisch, Apr 13, 2021

I'm a fairly relaxed hobbyist with fully planted vivariums and an assignment of green anoles and dart frogs. I've been told many times that MistKing is the perfect misting system to keep my humidity levels in range. I finally decided to order the starter system and find out what it's all about. After getting everything setup, I'm super impressed with the system. Not only is this the perfect mist, but it's whisper quiet. I also think the customer service is amazing and does a wonderful job with communication and help. I highly recommend this, it is worth every penny. Thank you MistKing team for developing such an amazing product!

Noel Hall, Mar 18, 2021

I recently had two timers go bad. I received an Email from Ryan who immediately took care of the issues by replacing the timers. I received them yesterday. Excellent customer service like this so appreciated. I love Mistking products.

marlene pincoffs, Jan 22, 2021

I recently had two timers go bad. I received an Email from Ryan who immediately took care of the issues by replacing the timers. I received them yesterday. Excellent customer service like this so appreciated. I love Mistking products.

marlene pincoffs, Jan 22, 2021

Great product. Our dart frogs died about 5 years ago and the mist king mister just sat there unused and idle. Decided to turn vivarium into a fern terrarium and the mister started right up. Unbelievable!

Peg, Dec 20, 2020

Excellent product & excellent service. Been using a MK set-up on my RETF terrarium for almost a decade now and never had an issue, excelent preformance long lasting pump & seals and the original white controler is still going strong though I've been thinking of replacing it with the new base controller just for ease of viewing compared to the old white one. Several months ago, back in April, I started a new PDF terrarium and didnt hesitate to go back to MK to get a second system but this time I was extremely happy to find they had a new HT-24 controller that better suited the dart frogs. The unit worked flawlessly till the probe glitched out one morning. After a few e-mails with Ryan, he went out of his way to fix the issue. Like I said... great service. Wont even think of buying a different system. J. Anderson

John Anderson, Dec 15, 2020

I had some issues with my system and Ryan from Mist King got back to me. I had actually set my system up incorrectly and he got me back on track. Thanks so much! Paddy

Patrick Jerome, Oct 16, 2020

I love my Misting system, I have been using it for a few years now and it is easily my favorite piece of equipment in my terrarium room. I love that I could choose exactly where I wanted the pump, and the reservoir. With the timer, I can precisely customize my misting schedule, which I adjust from season to season. I got the Ultimate System even though I had only 3 nozzles at first, because I knew I would keep it for a long time and expand my collection gradually. I wasn't sure my system was setup up properly when I moved in a new place and changed the disposition of the terrariums, so I sent a few pictures and my questions by email. Got an answer right away! Excellent customer service that's for sure. Thank you Marty and the Mistking team for making it affordable, excellent quality, accessible for the home hobbyist and easy to customize!

Roxane B, Oct 1, 2020

Aside from Mistking’s phenomenal product, Marty provides excellent support to the end user. You are simply second to none, Marty. In fact, you are leaps and bounds ahead. Thanks so much!!

Joanne O, Sep 3, 2020

Aside from Mistking’s phenomenal product, Marty provides excellent support to the end user. You are simply second to none, Marty. In fact, you are leaps and bounds ahead. Thanks so much!!

Joanne O, Sep 3, 2020

Aside from Mistking’s phenomenal product, Marty provides excellent support to the end user. You are simply second to none, Marty. In fact, you are leaps and bounds ahead. Thanks so much!!

Joanne O, Sep 3, 2020

I have used Mistking pumps for years! The product is phenomenal with customer service to match! Hey these folks work on weekends too! Customer for life!

Damon, Jul 12, 2020

Wow! Amazing product and excellent customer support! I will absolutely be a return customer!

Sean, Jun 5, 2020

You guys need to make it wayyyyyyy easier to remove the tubing, unless you have skinny fingers and long ass fingernails, this setup is beyond frustratin!! REPLY: Take a look at the video how to remove tubing. Big fingers, try using the back of tubing cutter, has a collet tool that fits the fittings.

Johnny, May 1, 2020

Wow!! The customer service (Marty) is simply outstanding at MistKing. I was very fortunate to have a friend give me a barely used MistKing Ultimate. It was partially assembled, including the Zip Drip. I tried for 3 days to detach this because I don’t need it. I could not release it from the pump. Sent an email to MistKing and Marty replied. He gave me a solution that I would not have figured out on my own. And now I can reassemble things how I want them when I was almost ready to give up. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Joanne O’Heare, Feb 9, 2020

Been using Mistking misters since early 2017 & i have got to say, i couldn't be happier. Everything I've purchased from them is very high quality. No leaks! the system is very quiet, haven't had any problems with the nozzles, the 10 micron filter works wonders. I love all the fittings & nozzles as well. It's the perfect system and I'll be sticking with mistking till the day I die. Thanks again!

Matt R., Jan 23, 2020

The ONLY misting solution for serious hobbyists. ~ The Hidden Path ~

Max Mancuso, Sep 25, 2019

Every display I've built for many years now have had a Mist King system at the heart of them. Lighting, air flow and water are the keys to successful displays over the long term. There is no better system on the market, and there exists no better customer service. Pro tips: order extra nozzles, you'll always find a use for them. Also, for truly large exhibits try two pumps/systems so you can spray different zones differently. Saves water and gives extra flexibility.

Planted Glass Boxes, Jul 24, 2019

I emailed from the uk at approx. 7.45pm on a sunday, not expecting a reply for a few days with regards to my newly setup mister pumping but not misting.....within minutes I get a reply and im sorted. BEST/FASTEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECIEVED!!! And on Canada day too....exemplary, hats off to you Marty for your instantaneous reply and solution.

Ash UK, Jul 3, 2019

Upgraded from a Monsoon to a Mistking Starter system. Nothing against the Monsoon, It just tops out at 2 nozzles and I needed more coverage for my 54 gallon Bowfront Paludarium. I did need to order some extra nozzles to cover my tank(2 double value nozzles, and 1-2 value greenhouse nozzles to hit the back). I cannot believe the coverage from the Mistking! The adjustability of the nozzles and the power/coverage of this system was WELL worth the money! Very happy with this purchase! I did need to email with a pre-sales question and Marty got right back to me. I appreciate a company that offers help like this. I will be buying more as I expand in the hobby. Thank you Marty and MistKing!

Mike Knudsen, Jun 27, 2019

Big thanks to Ryan and Marty who went above and beyond to help me get the parts(not available in the u.k) for my mist king system. Cheers

J Rothwell, May 14, 2019

I was a little confuse him how to program my ultimate misting system when I first got it. I spoke to Marty through email and it was excellent. He asked me to explain the problem and send him some pictures and he quickly resolved the problem. I am very pleased with the customer support and the system in general. Thank you Marty!

Luis Velazquez, May 6, 2019

Marty was very quick to help me troubleshoot my issues; which turned out being me improperly setting it up. I got the base 4.0 system for our Anole terrarium and it works great! This system comes with everything you need. Its very easy to set up, very easy to program, very quiet and looks great. I recommend getting the tube cutter and corner nozzle supports.

Jason T., Apr 1, 2019

Big thanks to Marty and the guys at mistking had a issue with a part they got back to me right away sent me a new part by far the best customer service I've ever had amazing guys keep up the great service.

C barros, Mar 12, 2019

Hands down the best misting system available on the market. Sure, you could find other cheaper misting/fogging systems in the pet trade, but you get what you pay for (which with the cheaper systems are leaks, rattling, heavy spray droplets instead of a fine mist). I raise thumbnail imitators and pumilio, I would not trust their humidity requirements to any other system! I have been using MistKing products since 2010 (owned one of the earlier model pumps) and must say that the pump that came with my advanced system that I purchased recently is drastically quieter than the previous model! It's as quiet as I would hope to expect from a pump, yet feels durable and strong. The mist is also the fine and particulate, just what my frogs and plants needs. Marty and the team are top notch with customer service. I recently emailed him with an issue and he was quick to respond and offer solutions! Trust the health of your animals and plants to none other than the original quality Misting system, MistKing!

Jason Gee, Feb 5, 2019

I have to say that this is the best Misting System I have ever used. I have multiple tanks and this was the best choice i have made. I love the Timers and the ease of use and the best part is you can make your water resevore how ever big you need. Thank you for making a great product Darrell Wood

Darrell Wood, Dec 22, 2018

I usually paint Custom Sneakers for my company, Punk Your Chucks, and I've made them for everyone from Def Leppard to Guns and Roses, Nickelback to 3 Doors Down, Chad Szeliga to Will Smith, and a ton more...however, before that I built zoo exhibits/vivariums all over the USA, in the late 90's/early 2000's. The vivarium hobby was just getting started and I travelled from coast to coast, delivering my own style of vivariums, in modified saltwater reef tanks. When I decided to start creating a huge indoor rainforest with my friends at Custom Aquariums, as a side project (I love making these things), I knew 100%, that the ONLY Misting System I was going to use, one way or another, was Mistking! They are unbeatable in quality and craftsmanship, plus, Marty (owner) is the nicest guy on the PLANET! We decided to make a Vlog about the whole build since it is being made in a huge Amphibious Aquarium, 4 feet by 6 feet by 8 feet tall! I contacted Mistking about this project, and Marty assured us that he was in! One thing I knew 100%, that we were going to use THE BEST MISTING SYSTEM in the world, MISTKING! Plus, the ONLY Misting System that is RELIABLY expandable, like the ADVANCED MISTKING MISTING SYSTEM! Our concern was not only misting our huge vivarium, but we will be having several quarantine enclosures. The ADVANCED System can handle 70 PLUS NOZZLES!!! Perfect! I deal with people all over the world, through my sneakers, and if there is one thing for sure, when there is a company that CARES about producing a quality and reliable product, has amazing customer service, people will spread their information through repeat and referral business, they want people to know how good the company is. This is clearly the mantra of every MistKing client. MistKing is the ONLY Misting System we would use, and you should too! Follow our progress at www.therainforestexhibit.com

MAG, Nov 15, 2018

I wanted to just say thank you for such wonderful service! My timer device broke early last week and a new one was sent to me right away, hassle free! Ryan from customer service was great help from trying to fix my old one to mailing out a new one!! Thank you so very very much!!

Kashmir Guenther, Nov 13, 2018

The misting system itself is pretty good, but the timers are junk! You need a engineering degree to program them! I emailed them before purchasing and asked what timer would be best for my needs! I ordered the one they suggested and could never get it programmed. It met it’s demise when I ripped it off the wall! $300 down the drain! REPLY: Patience grasshopper ! All 3 timers have different features and are suitable for different applications. Just follow the instructions to set them up or ask someone tech savvy if you get frustrated, not difficult at all. Set time, set programs, set to AUTO.

Ryan Searcy, Sep 23, 2018

The customer service really is "fanatical customer service". I was the completely wrong customer that Marty emailed back and forth with almost 30 times. He never lost his cool or anything. I really recommend this product. Not just because they have the best misting spray nozzle even, but mainly because of the Owner Marty.

Beau Perry, Sep 4, 2018

I wanted the best and got the best! Customer service was quick by email before and after the sell and the mister was shipped very fast! I have no complaints and am satisfied! (Ribbit)

Scott Crawford, Jun 7, 2018

I had troubles with a timer and my problem was resolved within 20 minutes. Awesome, especially because it was on Sunday, around 11 pm. A great service!

Natalia, Apr 23, 2018

I ordered two ultimate mistking systems set up one could not get it to work. There support is the greatest they went thru the entire setup with me .Trust me I’m totally clueless but they had patience and helped me thru it . I can’t sing there praise enough. I’m telling all my friends if they want a misting system definitely go to mistking

Victor, Apr 22, 2018

I set out to build a custom Orchid enclosure for my dearest friend, the requirements to grow and rehab Orchids are some of the tightest tolerances you could have. The starter mister and Led kit have already git some tough plants growing flower stalks, this is some amazing gear!!!

Jerry B, Apr 21, 2018
Testimonials: 150 of 276

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