v5.0 Starter Misting System

        v5.0 Starter Misting System

        Starter Misting System ver 5.0

        • Brand: MistKing
        • $USD179.99

        Starter Misting System - 5th generation


        It is basic in its design to act as a starting point for customization or to be used on a small scale the way it is. This system is based on a robust pump with our latest timer providing exceptional and reliable performance. It can easily run 1 nozzle or can be upgraded to as many as 10. If you're planning to run more than 10 be sure to upgrade the pump or order the Ultimate or Advanced Misting Systems.

        Starter misting system comes with a default ST-24 timer but can be controlled by either a repeat cycle timer or the hygrostat.  You can select the controller on the right that best suits your needs.  To learn more about how each timer works, please visit the timer page


        Items included with starter system. All items can be customized by selecting from the right.


        MistKing is always improving.  Over the years we've spotted a bit of room for improvement over our previous version.  In version 5 these are:

        • Improved timer electronics. Timers now have a 3 times higher electronics rating which better equips the timers for dealing with power outages and high inductive demand of MistKing pumps.  This should improve system failure rates and add to MistKing reliability.

        • Reservoir Bulkhead has been custom-designed from the ground up and is exclusive to MistKing. With its dense metal thread, you can now tighten with all required force without worry of stripping.  We have even tested the bulkheads to squeeze a bucket without an o-ring and achieved a perfect seal.  Nevertheless, use an o-ring for added security.
        • We now also include a small reservoir filter. No need to worry that floating debris will be sucked into the system and clog your nozzle. We love the color black in our systems, however, the filter is white to easier spot when it needs to be rinsed.

        The Starter System can silently run 1 nozzle or as many as 10 nozzles. Our misting systems have been applied in a multitude of applications, from patio cooling, reptile, amphibian terrarium/vivarium enclosures, growing shelves with orchids or exotic plants, hobby greenhouses, and even grocery and industrial applications. Major ZOOs, botanical gardens, educational institutions, corporations and individual hobbyists all recognized our dedication to quality and customer service and are using our systems throughout the world.

        We do not ship reservoir buckets with our kits. No need to add to the shipping cost for something that can be picked up locally for a few dollars. Our misting systems come with instructions and push-in bulkhead fitting to convert any bucket or container into a reservoir. Plastic pails cost from $3-$8 retail depending on size.

        Customization Options 
        (Select from drop downs on the right)

        You may select ANY additional nozzles for this kit from the nozzles section (here). To see the difference between Value Nozzles and Premium nozzles click here. Do not exceed 10 nozzles on this kit.

        We are certain that our system is the best priced and best performing system anywhere! If you find a system that can perform as well as this value kit at this price, we will not only match the price, but beat it by 10% of the difference

        • 24V DC misting pump, capable of running up to 10 nozzles. The pump is very robust and can run dry!!! This pump has been extensively tested for a long time in the field, in the factory and by us personally. It has extremely low failure rates and it simply WORKS! Custom manufactured for MistKing.com and is unique to us. The pump is adapted for 1/4" tubing and includes vibration-dampening rubber feet.
        • Pump power adapter. (cUL listed)
        • 1 Value L misting assembly. Assembly is tested and it includes our super low flow check-valved spray tip, custom crafted in black with an average droplet size of ~50 microns. Check-valved tips greatly reduce the post-mist drip. These nozzles can be adjusted and positioned in any direction. Can be securely fastened to any surface up to 0.625" (5/8") or 1.5 cm thick. This misting assembly is patented at USPTO.
        • Reservoir bulkhead with o-ring and plug.
        • 15 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing
        • New Digital Seconds Timer ST-24 with improved electronics.
        • Reservoir filter
        • 5 tubing clips with screws
        • Reference manual
        • To upgrade the pump to its more robust sibling consider MKP-100. Even more reliable with a larger motor and twice the flow. It can run 1 or up to 20 misting assemblies! It is our pump of choice!
        • By default, this system comes with an ST-24 Seconds Timer, but you can change your selection to either RCT-24 or HT-24 depending on your requirements.
        • ZipDrip Valve with 1/4" fittings - our nozzle tips already greatly reduce dripping, but ZipDrip eliminates post-mist drip altogether, resulting in ZERO, (Zip) Drip! See it in action here.
        • You can choose the ZipDrip valve to eliminate any dripping after misting or upgrade to the Plus Pack. ZipDrip valve is optional and instantly releases all the pressure in the misting lines, resulting in ZERO (ZIP!) drip. Plus pack offers ZipDrip and other extras found in the ultimate system.
        • Screen top wedges are useful in installing misting assemblies into screen tops or cages. Not needed for solid surfaces that can be drilled like glass, acrylic, wood, etc. Perfectly sized with counter sunk holes and include mounting screws.

        Warranty Information:

        Standard (included):  2 years pump.  1-year parts. 

        Extended (optional): 4 years pump. 2 years parts.

        Note: Nozzle tips warrantied only for purchase, due to the fact these can clog due to user error and poor water quality.


          • SKU
          • Weight
            4.9 lbs
        • Zip Drip
        • Nozzles Included
          1 x T Misting Assembly
        • Tubing
          15 ft of 1/4"
        • Pump
        • Power Adapter
          24V 1.2 Amp
        • Beginner
        • Expandable to
          10 nozzles
        • Can use with single nozzle?
        • Best for single terrarium
          If on budget - yes
        • Brand
        • Bar Code
        • Voltage
          110 V (N.America), 220 V (Europe/Asia/etc)
        • Pump
          MKP-125-50 (default), MKP-125-100 (Better)
        • Controller
          ST-24 Seconds Timer, RCT-24 Repeat Cycle Timer, HT-24 Hygrostat, Not Included
        • PLUS PACK (incl. ZipDrip)
          Not Included, Included
        • ZipDrip
          Not Included, ZipDrip Valve
        • Screen Top Wedge
          Not Included, 1 Included, 2 Included, 3 Included
        • Double Misting Assembly (Upgrade)
          Not Included, Upgraded
        • Retail Packaging
          Included, Brown Box
        • Warranty
          Standard (Included), Extended

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